Debit Cards

Our debit card program is now available to all qualifying checking account members!  Our objective is to provide share draft members easy access to funds using the debit card as a check or as an ATM card and to give the members a wider acceptance from merchants.  The following qualifications must be met:

  • Member must have a Horizon Credit Union share draft account.
  • Members that are less than 18 years of age will be considered on an individual basis. Any applicant under 18 must have a parent or a legal guardian sign as joint on the account.
  • Member must be in good standing with the Credit Union.
  • Member will be assigned a PIN.
  • Members must have one of two types of share draft protection.
    Members are expected to maintain an accurate record of their transactions and to reconcile their statements in a timely manner, reporting any discrepancies.

Misplaced your debit card?

Did you know that you can now log into your online banking account and disable your debit card?  When you locate the card, simply log in and enable the card again.

If you are planning to use your card while traveling out of state on vacation, please let us know the dates you will be traveling so that we can mark your card.