Audio Voice Response Unit

Thanks to our Audio Voice Response Unit, “Horizon by Phone”, you can have 24 hour access to all of your account and loan balances toll free!  You will need to call the office to have the staff set up a personal identification number (PIN) on your account.  You can find out what your current savings balance is and even request a share withdrawal to be issued.  You can transfer money from your savings to your checking and also transfer loan payments.  You can listen to see what checks have cleared on your checking account, see what deposits have been posted or check loan balances and loan payoff amounts.  The toll free number is 1-866-825-5232.

Cashier’s Checks

The credit union will make cashier’s checks available to its members. Cashier’s checks are acceptable as cash and considered to be “guaranteed funds.” Terms and Conditions – the credit union will issue cashier’s checks on its corporate account with the Missouri Corporate Credit Union. The cashier’s checks will clear through item processing with the corporate credit union. Cashier’s Checks are subject to a $5.00 fee.  This fee is waived for our checking account members.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit allows everyone to have their entire payroll check, retirement check, Social Security or other government check deposited directly into the credit union so that they can start earning dividends as soon as possible.  Cafeteria Plan reimbursements can also be conveniently deposited into your savings account.  Give us a call and we will help you take care of the details.

Electronic Statements

The credit union can now send your statements to you electronically. You can receive your statement at home or work much faster than our regular statement mailings.  Just e-mail the credit union and we can get your account set up.

Money Orders

Money Orders are available up to a maximum amount of $1,000.  If you have your checking account with us, there is no fee for this service, otherwise there is a $1.00 charge per money order.

Night Deposit/ After Hours Payment Drop-off

We have a night depository located at our credit union office at 310 North Missouri Street for after hours and weekend usage.  It is on the east side of the building.

Notary Services

Need a document notarized? We provide free notary services at our office location for our members.

Scholarship Program

The Credit Union started a Scholarship Program in 1999.  We want to commend those individuals who are continuing their education after high school.  The credit union realizes that college expenses are continuing to grow and hopes to help ease some of the financial stress by continuing our scholarship program.  The credit union awards scholarships of $500 to five individuals.  The winners are announced in the spring at our annual meeting.  The winners are picked based on their application, essay and teacher recommendation.

Theme Park Tickets

As an added benefit to our members, we offer discounted tickets and promo rates for Silver Dollar City, Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun and Six Flags.  Call the office for the rates and promo codes.

Western Union

We can send money for our members by Western Union.  The money can be received at any Western Union location.  There will be a charge of $30.00.

Wire Transfer

The credit union can help you wire funds to or receive funds from other financial institutions.

The following is information you will need to wire funds to another financial institution:

  • Your name, address, home phone number, account number and dollar amount of wire.
  • Name of financial institution the wire is going to, address and routing number of that institution.
  • If there is a correspondent bank you will need that information – name, address, ABA number.
  • Name on the account wire is going to, account number, and address.

The following is information you will need to receive a wire from another institution:

  • Wire to – Millennium Corporate Credit Union, Wichita, KS – ABA# 301180111
  • Further credit – Horizon Credit Union – ABA# 281581047
  • Final credit – Member’s name, Member’s account number

A $17.00 charge will be applied to any funds wired to another financial institution.  There is no charge on incoming wires.